Gala Helpers

Promoter: Has overall responsibility for the running of the meet and ensuring that License conditions are complied with.

Door: Take entry fee from spectators. Potentially also sell meet programmes and/or raffle tickets.

Recorder: Record the places and times from each event, either manually or from the electronic timing system. Arrange the Finalists where required.

Announcer: Announce results after they have been recorded, provide safety announcements and any other relevant information. Can also provide running commentary during races.

Warm up Marshall: Supervise the pool and swimmers during warm up, principally to ensure correct lane rotation and continuity of swimming. Not responsible for coaching.

Competitor Steward/Marshall: Arranges the swimmers in each event into appropriate heats according to the start list and supervise the conduct of competitors.

Runner: Relay start lists to the officials, and results to the Announcer and Medal Table.

Medal Table: On confirmation of results hand out medals to swimmers. May also include signing for receipt of annual trophies.

Refreshments: Provide pre-meet and poolside drinks to officials and helpers.