Gala Guide

As a competitive swimming club, our focus is on preparing swimmers to compete and to fulfill their potential.  It is therefore important that swimmers are both prepared for a competition and that they understand what to do when they get there.cropped-coneom13_41751.jpgMake sure you know where the pool is and what time you need to be there – which sessions are you in, what time is warm up, do you need to sign in.  This information will usually be on the entry paperwork, but may change.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to pack your bag or you may leave something important behind.  Make sure you have a couple of towels  and suitable clothing to keep you warm when you are not swimming, plus clean shoes to wear on poolside.

There will always be a coach or team manager with the swimmers, so if you are not sure about something, please ask them and listen to what they tell you.


Take enough food and drink for the whole competition

Have a spare hat and pair of goggles

Have at least two towels and costumes

Make sure that you know when your races are and go to the marshalling area in plenty of time

Talk to your coach before your race, and get feedback immediately after your race

Be polite to the officials and other helpers

Support your team mates once the race has started


Make noise when a race is about to start

Walk around the starting area after the referee has blown their whistle for the next race

Leave your lane at the end of a race until the referee asks you to, or the next race has started

Climb out over the timing pads

Leave the team area without letting a coach or team manager know where you are going

Take photographs on phones/iPads in the changing rooms or without signing the photography register

Leave rubbish around your seating area

A more comprehensive guide is available HERE