Club Records

Current Club Records

The current records (as claimed and verified by 31 May 2023) can be found here (If reading on a laptop the most recent record claims are highlighted in yellow).

How do I claim a club record?

To be counted as a club record the following rules should be met:

  • Only times from competitions held under Swim England Laws and Technical Regulations are eligible.
  • Times must have been recorded either by Automated Officiating Equipment (AOE) or as the average from at least two timekeepers.
  • Claims must be submitted within 3 months of the swim.
  • It is the swimmer’s age as of the date of the swim which determines the age group record.

It is the responsibility of the swimmer to claim a record; the club will not scrutinise results from competitions to see whether any records have been broken. The rules for claiming club records are set out on the claim form. To claim a record, please complete the slip with details of your claim and hand to Lindsay, Club Secretary, email  Claims will be verified before being accepted.