Our Juniors Win Promotion to Division 1 of M11 League

Our junior swimmers (9- 12 years) finished in second place in Division 2 of the 2019 M11 League to gain promotion to Division 1 for 2020.

In a closely fought Round 3 we ended up with 170 gala points to finish behind Camden Swiss “B” team. Only 11 gala points split the clubs finishing in 2nd to 6th place (Team Luton, Epping Forest, Halstead, Borough of Harrow and Enfield Swim Squad).

By beating Epping Forest by 4 gala points in that final round we gained two more League points to eclipse them by just 1.5 points in the final League table.

Our promotion to Division 1 follows on from us being placed 5th in the 2018 M11 Junior League.

The aim of the league is to promote inter-club competitions for junior swimmers (9 -12 years) to encourage their progression in swimming and participation in sport.

The 2020 competition will take place on 19 April, 17 May and 21 June.