Team Luton March Long Course Meet 2019 1ER190183

2 March 2019. Updated with reserves for long distance events

23 February 2019. Entries for this meet are now CLOSED.

We are pleased that we have now been able to process all of the entries . Unfortunately we were very over-subscribed and so have had to reject many swimmers to ensure that we stay within the maximum daily time allowance for a gala. We know that this will disappoint those swimmers we have rejected and hope that they can quickly find another gala to help them achieve their goals for this part of the season. Team Luton are holding another Level 1 meet on 20/21 April. This is still open and details are available on this website

Below we have attached the initial accepted and rejected entries for the meet, together with a processing statement which outlines the methodology we used. Please check these carefully – a reminder that  our email address for any queries is

We also include the Schedule of events which now sets out the start times for the afternoon and evening sessions.

During the week we will add the reserve lists for the 800m and 1500m events.