2016/17 Club Champions & Record Breakers

2016/17 was another highly successful season for the club  – be it at National, Regional or County level.

With the end of the competitive season, it was time to recognise the individual achievements made at a club level by our up and coming swimmers. The 2017 Presentations took place on 22nd July at Lilley Village Hall with over 140 attending. With the inclement English weather it was an opportunity for people to show their competitiveness spirit prevailed not only at outdoor games but also during the bingo session.

Trophies were awarded to the top three swimmers in each age group from 7 years and under through to 17 years and over for their overall performances in the Club Championships.

The places in each age group were determined by the total FINA points awarded for the times achieved in each race.

BOYS 1st 2nd 3rd
8 yrs Owain Roberts  Archie Baxter
9 yrs Spencer Leaning Reece GiLes & Oscar Hunt Zhouer Chen
10 yrs Lewis Ward Jack Juggins Finlay Kiernan
11 yrs Adil Setna Ben O’Hara
12 yrs Benjamin Cornforth Rezart Musabelliu
13 yrs Rhys Davidson Oliver Hunt
14 yrs Freddie Symonds Alfred Mureithi Jeevan Aujila
15 /16 yrs Godfrey Williams Ewan Theron James Mackerness
17 yrs & over Matthew Wright Jamie Wright Alex Mason


GIRLS 1st 2nd 3rd
7 yrs & under Abbie Juggins
8 yrs Madeline Hyde Jessica Harvey
9 yrs Isobel McCulloch Catherine Lempriere Caitlyn Kean
10 yrs Lyla Howard Millie Hyde Adeola Akande
11 yrs Susan Opoku-Gyamfi Daniella Njawaya Zara Fallon
12 yrs Eleanor Robertson Lauren Hooker Freya Kiernan
13 yrs Chiara Rogers Anna Fallon Menna Walmsley
14 yrs Abbie Barnwell Shannay Davies Milly Davidson
15/16  yrs Celyn Walmsley Rhiann Donnelly Nana Opoku-Gyamfi
17 yrs & over  Chantal Smith  Amy Pelling  Emma Cattle

Club record times were broken on almost 120 occasions in the year to 30th June by members swimming in either regional, club or inter-school competitions. Commemorative certificates for these performances were handed out. (A full list of the records as ratified by 30th June can be accessed here).

Clearly there are too many to list individually but some of the notable club record-breaking achievements have included:

  • Jack Juggins breaking records for 10year old Boys that had stood since 1999( 50m Fly), 2004 (100m Back) and 2009( 200m Back)
  • Rys Davidson,  in one stellar March weekend up in Sheffield, setting records in no fewer than 7 events
  • Chiara Rogers breaking the 12 year Girls 50m Breaststroke that had stood for 13 years
  • Celyn Walmsley claiming no less than 11 new club records
  • Matthew Wright breaking the 17yrs & over 100m Backstroke record that had stood since 2004
  • Six record claims from Alex Mason, clearly not letting his final year of university life detract from his prowess in the pool before he migrated to the world of Masters & Senior Age group competitions

None of the aforementioned individual nor indeed the squad successes could have been achieved without the many hours given week in week out by our coaches headed up by Adam Taylor.